Hotel Review: A Stay at the Hotel Drei Raben, Nuremberg

Hotel Drei Raben is the perfect base for your visit to Nuremberg. Read on to find out why my stay in this historic hotel was fit for a princess!

The bedroom area of the Rabengiebel junior suite at the Hotel Drei Raben in Nuremberg

I stayed at the Hotel Drei Raben as a guest of Tourismus Nürnberg.

Three black ravens circle ever closer around the roof of an old Nuremberg inn. They rest on the chimney and tell the strangers about the secrets of their city.

The Hotel Drei Raben (“Three Ravens”) is a beautiful old inn in Nuremberg, one of Germany’s biggest and most historic cities. I visited the city for a weekend recently, and felt very lucky to call this gorgeous hotel my home for the weekend.

It’s very easy to get to, and you’ll discover that inside this beautiful building lies a thoroughly modern hotel with some fantastic mythological touches. And if you want to explore Nuremberg’s Aldstadt, then the Hotel Drei Raben is ideally located for this as well.

How to get to the Hotel Drei Raben

The entrance to the Hotel Drei Raben in Nuremberg, Germany

If you are flying into Nuremberg, then the city itself is just a quick 15 minute ride away on the U-Bahn. Simply take the U2 line from the stop outside the airport towards the Hauptbahnhof (main railway station). If you are planning to buy a City Card for your stay in Nuremberg, then I would advise buying a single ticket to cover your journey to the hotel. This ticket will be valid for 90 minutes after the time that you buy it.

But if you do decide to buy a travel card, remember that you need to validate it before you start your first journey. Travelling without a validated card can result in a large fine. Alternatively, the journey will take around 20 minutes by taxi. The Hotel Drei Raben itself is then just a quick 5 minute walk from the Hauptbahnhof, and it’s very easy to find.

A Stay at the Hotel Drei Raben

The lobby desk at Hotel Drei Raben in Nuremberg, Germany

My flight from Manchester brought me to the Hotel Drei Raben in the middle of the afternoon. And I was greeted by the friendly hotel staff at this futuristic looking pod in the hotel lobby.

The bar area in Hotel Drei Raben in Nuremberg, Germany

The lobby extends back towards the hotel’s bar, which also serves as the venue for breakfast in the morning. The bar is well stocked with an excellent selection of gins amongst other drinks. And in the evening, guests are invited to sample a glass of locally produced organic wine in the bar. It’s a lovely little touch that makes you feel very welcome at Hotel Drei Raben!

The well stocked bar at Hotel Drei Raben in Nuremberg, Germany

The hotel has 43 standard rooms, each of which is individually decorated according to a different theme. These themes are all centred around Nuremberg’s history, myths and legends. So you might find yourself staying in a room featuring the city’s Beautiful Fountain if you are in Room 31, or in a room inspired by the city’s most famous son, Albrecht Dürer, if you are in room 33.

The hotel also has four junior suites as well as the larger Suite Rabenspiegel. This has a separate sleeping area, and a gorgeous pull out leather sofa in the seating area. I felt very lucky to be handed the key to Room 53, Rabengiebel – the Ravens’ Gable. As the name suggests, this room sitsright at the very top of the hotel!

A Room at the Hotel Drei Raben

A welcome message on a chalkboard, at Hotel Drei Raben in Nuremberg, Germany

Reaching the Raven’s Gable took me up four storeys in an elevator, and then up a final flight of stairs. Once inside my suite, I then had to go up just a few more steps… The sight in front of me me took my breath away. The Rabensgiebel is literally right up in the top of the inn, so there are beams and rafters throughout the room. My host described the room as the ‘Princess’s room’ and it really did feel like a room fit for a Princess!

The room has a king-size bed, and the opulent red and gold fabrics throughout the room give it a luxurious feel. As you might expect in a European hotel, there are two separate duvets underneath the bedspread.

The linen used at the Hotel Drei Raben in Nuremberg, Germany is very high quality

All of the bed linen and towels are very high quality, and I found the bed to be incredibly comfortable. If you decide that you require different pillows, you can simply call down to reception. They will happily bring some alternatives up to your room.

The hotel offers a turn down service for guests. I found a little pack of gummi Schlaf Schäfchen (Sleep Sheep) on my bed each evening, which I thought was a cute little touch. But you can leave a Do Not Disturb sign on your door handle if you prefer not to take up this service.

A comfy day bed area overlooking Nuremberg Old Town, at Hotel Drei Raben

I love this little day bed area. It’s a perfect little nook to sit and read, work or simply daydream in. And I was very excited when I saw that my junior suite came complete with a gorgeous, roll top bath right in the bedroom.

The junior suites at Hotel Drei Raben in Nuremberg all include a roll top bath in the sleeping area.

It’s a fantastic touch which makes great use of the space available in the room, as well as feeling very decadent. After a long day exploring the historic sights of Nuremberg, I loved being able to sink into a deep hot bubble bath!

A roll top bath and modern air conditioning unit are some of the facilities in a junior suite at Hotel Drei Raben in Nuremberg, Germany

Next to the bath you can see the room’s air conditioning unit, which is very modern and efficient. The hotel is right on one of the main roads through Nuremberg’s old town so it can get a little noisy at night.

But this little unit meant that I could keep the windows shut and still be comfortable at night. And it was very quiet as well, so it didn’t disturb my sleep. In fact, I slept really well, ensuring I was ready for my busy days exploring the city.

A view of a junior suite at Hotel Drei Raben in Nuremberg, Germany, including mini fridge, TV and roll top bath

This room feels very light and airy, thanks to the large skylight windows. And the wooden floor and rich fabrics add warmth to the fresh, white decor in the room. The room has a TV, which swings around so you can watch it while you soak in the bath.

There is also free access to WiFi in all of the rooms. It’s not suitable for streaming films, but it was fine for checking emails and doing a little work in the evenings.

The mini fridge in a junior suite at Hotel Drei Raben in Nuremberg, Germany is well stocked with soft drinks, water, beer and wine

There is also a mini-fridge containing water and soft drinks, beer, local wine, Prosecco and Champagne, as well as some snacks.

The washstand area in Room 53 at Hotel Drei Raben in Nuremberg, Germany

The washstand sits in the corner of the bedroom, along with a well lit mirror and a hairdryer. And there are plenty of pristine, fluffy white towels provided for your use.

Hotel Drei Raben provides complimentary Molton Brown toiletries and useful amenities for guests staying at the hotel

The Hotel Drei Raben provide Molton Brown toiletries for guests, which adds an extra touch of luxury. And the room is well stocked with all of the little amenities that you might have forgotten to bring.

The spotlessly clean shower room in Room 53 at Hotel Drei Raben in Nuremberg, Germany

Having a roll top bath in the bedroom means that the bathroom takes up much less room. It’s a great way to use the unique dimensions of the space to maximum effect. And there are more Molton Brown goodies on hand in the bathroom.

Complimentary Molton Brown toiletries provided at the Hotel Drei Raben

Like the rest of the room, the bathroom was spotlessly clean. In fact, the only downside that I found to staying in the Rabengiebel was that it took a few minutes for the hot water to reach the shower. It’s a minor inconvenience though, and all ofthe lovely features in this room easily outweigh it.

Breakfast at the Hotel Drei Raben

A selection of breads, cheeses and salads on the breakfast table at Hotel Drei Raben

The Hotel Drei Raben does not have a full restaurant, but does offer guests a comprehensive range of breakfast options. I was really impressed by the variety of delicious fresh food on offer at breakfast time. It included several different types of breads, cheeses, fish, salads, cold meats and cheeses.

Cold meats, seafood and Nuremberg sausages on the breakfast table at Hotel Drei Raben

I couldn’t resist adding a couple of skinny Nuremberg sausages to my plate. They’re so tasty, and I took every opportunity possible to eat them during my visit!

A selection of pastries, jams and toppings for yoghurt on the breakfast table at Hotel Drei Raben in Nuremberg, Germany

The breakfast selection also includes a choice of cereals, pastries, fruit and yoghurt, and a great variety of healthy toppings to add to your bowl. And you can also order hot items, such as bacon, eggs and omelettes, which will be cooked to order.

A selection of hot and cold drinks at Hotel Drei Raben

You can help yourself to a selection of fruit juices, still or sparkling water, or order a freshly ground coffee. I thought the coffee on offer at Hotel Drei Raben was delicious, and I’m pretty fussy about my coffee! The hotel serves breakfast until mid-morning, which is great if you fancy a lie-in. Or you can call down and order breakfast in your room, for a really relaxing start to the day.

Hotel Drei Raben, Nuremberg: The Verdict

If you’re looking for a quirky boutique hotel in Nuremberg, you can’t go far wrong with the Hotel Drei Raben. It takes a beautiful historic building and weaves the mythology of the city through its modern, well equipped rooms.

And if a great location is your top priority, then the Hotel Drei Raben is hard to beat. It is just a few minutes walk from the main train station, and within walking distance of the main sights of the Altstadt. Not being able to dine in the hotel won’t be a problem, because there are plenty of great restaurants on the hotel’s doorstep.

Staying in the hotel’s Rabengiebel junior suite, with its gorgeous roll top bath and luxurious fabrics, truly made me feel like a princess for the weekend. And the friendly staff could not have made me feel more welcome.

I’m sure that I’ll visit Nuremberg again very soon, and I know that it’ll be hard to resist the call of the Three Ravens when I return.

The Details

Hotel Drei Raben Koenigstrasse 63 90402 Nuremberg Germany Phone +49 911 274380

Thank you to Tourismus Nürnberg and Hotel Drei Raben for a wonderful stay at this gorgeous hotel!

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  1. Sarah Bailey says:

    What a lovely looking place to go and stay. I have to admit I’ve never been to Germany but there seems to be so many lovely places to go and see and lovely hotels to stay in – I think I might have to add it to my bucket list.

    It looks like this particular hotel provides all the basics and more making for a great place to go and lay your head.

  2. Alex Gladwin says:

    What a lovely looking place to stay, I love that bath in the room. Great to hear there’s lots of restaurants to eat at nearby too. x

  3. Elizabeth says:

    What a fabulous hotel! Love that old-fashioned bath in the corner, especially. I’ve never stayed in Nuremberg before, but if I do visit I’ll definitely consider this hotel.


    The rooms seem to have everything needed and are well set out. The breakfast spread looks very appetising i’m sure I’d love it here.

  5. Melanie says:

    Loving the character of the building. Also, feeling that mini fridge and fab foodie options too. Looks like you had a fab time x

  6. Katrina says:

    Three words. Bed, Bath, Bar wowwwww get me here. Never a location i have considered but i for sure would after reading this review.

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