6 Reasons to add a Breadmaker to your Kitchen

A breadmaker is a really useful kitchen gadget, and also makes an excellent gift. Discover six reasons why you should add a breadmaker to your kitchen.

Loaves of bread that were baked in a breadmaker

I love my breadmaker – it’s a few years old now but it has seen some good use over the years. I was given my bread machine as a gift and although it’s a fairly basic model, I’ve used it for all sorts of recipes.

Making bread by hand is fantastic, but I’m not an expert and my results can be a bit hit or miss. My breadmaker consistently delivers delicious results, and it’s so easy to use!

Here some of the reasons a breadmaker is a great addition to your kitchen:

Waking up to Freshly Baked Bread

When it comes to favourite smells, freshly baked bread is right up there with the best of them. And fresh bread is always at its best when it’s straight out of the oven. But how many people have the time or inclination to bake bread first thing in the morning?

Most breadmakers have a timer function which allows you to pop all the ingredients in the pan the night before. Then you can simply come downstairs in the morning to the glorious smell of fresh bread – yum!!

A loaf of bread made in a breadmaker

Easy to use

I do bake bread by hand at home, but the time involved often puts me off. And my results aren’t always as good as they should be – there have been a fair few loaves which never actually made it into the oven… On the other hand, my breadmaker rarely lets me down. The few mistakes I’ve had have been down to me using out of date yeast (note to self – check the dates!) or forgetting to switch it on (seriously!?). It’s much easier to make a loaf with a breadmaker!

Variety of loaves

When I had my first breadmaker, it only made a handful of different loaves and they were all either white or wholemeal. Things have changed a lot, and today’s breadmakers can handle tricky speciality flours like Spelt flour or Gluten-free flour.

The Panasonic SD-2500 WXC breadmaker has 1o bread and dough modes, including one for 100% gluten-free bread.

They also have programs to make scone, sourdough and artisan loaves, so you’ll be spoilt for choice when deciding which loaf to bake next. And of course they will handle different loaf sizes and crust darkness, so you can bake a loaf to suit your exact tastes.

Fruit & Nut and Yeast dispensers

If you add fruit in at the start of the process, it can get chopped up too much during kneading and you don’t get such great results. But luckily, breadmakers often come with a Fruit & Nut dispenser, so that the breadmaker can add in the ingredients at the best time during the kneading process.

And the Panasonic SD-ZB2502BXC breadmaker has a yeast dispenser which is unique to the Panasonic Breadmaker. It drops in the yeast automatically at just the right time to ensure your bread rises as it should. This is  is really useful if you are leaving ingredients in your bread machine overnight.

Adding the yeast too early might result in it becoming activated too soon.

Not just for loaves

Breadmakers aren’t just useful for baking loaves. You can also use them for baking cakes and even making homemade jams and compotes. Your breadmaker will usually come with a recipe leaflet which will give you lots of inspiration.

I also like to use my breadmaker to make the dough, but then finish off the loaf by hand, or make bread rolls to bake in the oven. Or you could even make pizza dough in your breadmaker!

A slow cooker full of chicken cacciatore on a wooden dining table

An Easy Meal

Breadmakers can help you make an easy meal at a time that suits you. I love to make a hearty stew like my Chicken Cacciatore or cook a home made soup, like my Butternut Squash and Parmesan Soup, and bake a loaf of bread to go with it.

With the timer function on my breadmaker, I can have the loaf ready just at the right time for when we want to eat. This is great for those hectic days when I know we’ll be out until late evening.

Have I convinced you that you need a breadmaker yet? With plenty of breadmakers to suit all budgets, you’re bound to find one that suits your family.

Do you have a breadmaker at home? I’d love to know your favourite recipe to make in it.

2 thoughts on “6 Reasons to add a Breadmaker to your Kitchen

  1. Mellissa Williams says:

    I used to have a breadmaker years ago! It was amazing, but I think I put on about half a stone when I had it. Nothing like fresh bread with lashings of butter

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