The additional benefits of Sat Nav

If you’re planning a road trip, find out why a Sat Nav system has more benefits than simply providing directions.

A woman's finger touches a Sat nav screen set into her car dashboard

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Many new cars have a Sat Nav system and there’s even often one installed when you lease a personal use car these days. They’re an essential part of modern day driving, helping us to get from A to B with as little stress as possible. Well, as little navigation-related stress anyway…

But whether your car has a built in Sat Nav system or you use the maps function on your phone, you probably use it on a regular basis. 

Now that Covid-related restrictions have been eased, lots of us are hitting the road for staycations. So there’s a good chance that your Sat Nav technology is probably getting even more use than usual!

So here are a few of the additional benefits of Sat Nav which you might not have considered.

Speed limit monitoring 

Sticking to the speed limit isn’t just a legal requirement on the road. It’s also a really important part of road safety. Your Sat Nav can tell you the speed limit of the road you are travelling on and update it as the speed limit changes along your route. 

This is a really useful function, especially if you’ve ever been driving down an unfamiliar road and realised that you’re not sure what the speed limit is. It will help you to keep your driving consistent, so everyone is safer on the road.

Speed camera detection

Another related benefit is that a Sat Nav can indicate when you’re approaching speed cameras, including mobile speed detection sites.

This will help you to avoid expensive fines and points on your license, which can also increase your insurance premiums.

Road work notifications

When you’re looking forward to getting away on holiday, there’s nothing more annoying than lengthy tail backs and roadworks. 

Luckily, your Sat Nav will notify you of any road works well before you reach them. So you can avoid having your journey made any longer than necessary. 

A sat nav display set on a car dashboard. It is displaying speed limit and directions.

Route changes on the fly

Even better, if there’s an accident or road closure during your journey, most sat nav systems will provide you with route change options so you can avoid major delays. They’ll often alter your route automatically unless you reject the change, so you know you’re always on the fastest route.

Motorway lane notifications

Motorway signs and junctions can be confusing, especially for new drivers or if you’re driving to an unfamiliar area. If you’ve ever got lost around Spaghetti Junction on the M6, you’ll know what I mean!

Some Sat Nav systems come with an additional feature which tells you which lane you need to be in when two motorways split, to help you to avoid missing your junction. This can be a real time saver, as you won’t have to travel to and from the next junction to get back on the right route. 

Take the scenic route

Sometimes the fastest route isn’t the best one. If you aren’t so bothered about saving time, some Sat Nav systems come with a ‘scenic route’ option which will take you down the prettiest road to your destination.

Others allow you to choose a photo of the landmark you’d like to visit and then will plot the best route to it. This is useful if you want to visit a spot that doesn’t have a postcode.

Find your car

Have you ever got back to a large car park and realised that you have no idea where you left your car? That has happened to me so many times. It always seems to happen when it’s pouring with rain or when my feet are sore after a long walk.

Some Sat Nav systems automatically note their position when you remove them from the windscreen. So you can take it out with you when you and then use it to guide you back to your car. This useful feature also appears on some smartphone Sat Nav software.

Easy installation

Built-in Sat Nav is convenient but if your car doesn’t have it, that’s no problem. Most Sat Navs are really easy to install these days, so you’ll probably be able to do the job yourself. If not, you can always hire a professional to make sure that it’s installed properly.

No matter where you’re going this summer, a Sat Nav system will help you get there safely, smoothly and quickly. Enjoy your journey!

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