Simple and Delicious Vegan Coconut Oat Bars

Flapjacks are a delicous treat that also feels like a healthy snack. And these Coconut Oat Bars are vegan, dairy-free and easy to make!

These Coconut Flapjacks are dairy-free, and oh so easy to make. And they taste delicious!

These delicious coconut oat bars are sweet enough to be a treat. But they also have enough good things in them to make you feel like you’re sticking to that New Year’s healthy eating resolution!

If your resolution was to go to the gym or start running, then these are great to eat  as an energy boost before you go out or a recovery snack afterwards. They’re really quick and easy to bake, and make a really nice mid-morning or after-school snack.

I’m using coconut oil instead of butter, so these coconut flapjacks are dairy-free as well – great for anyone who is vegan or lactose intolerant.

And the desiccated coconut adds sweetness and flavour to the flapjacks, and it contains nutrients like vitamin C, magnesium and calcium.

So these delicious flapjacks are practically a health food!

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Flapjacks or Oat Bars are a delicious snack, ideal for when you're on the go. And this recipe is vegan, delicious and really easy to make! #coconut #coconutoil #vegan #vegetarian #dairyfree #recipe

For years I’ve been battling with flapjacks sticking in baking tins – I’ve tried different parchments, greasing, you name it. But I’ve recently given up the fight and started buying foil trays from the supermarket to bake flapjacks in.


They’re recyclable, so I don’t feel too bad about using the disposable option, and seem to work much easier for me.

This quantity is just enough to fill a 18cm x 11cm foil tray, but you could double up the quantities and it should fit an 18cm tin nicely. You might need to cook for a little longer in that case.

Coconut Flapjacks or Oat Bars (makes 6)

100ml coconut oil
160ml golden syrup
175g oats
50g desiccated coconut

Preheat the oven to 180C/160Cfan/Gas Mark 4. If you are using a baking tin, line and grease it. If you are using a foil tray, you don’t need to bother (hurrah!)

Measure out the coconut oil into a saucepan. It will be solid if stored below about 25C, so I just scoop it out using a spoon into a measuring cup. Measure out the golden syrup and add to the saucepan.

Place the saucepan over a low heat, and allow the coconut oil and golden syrup to melt together.

Place the oats and coconut into a large bowl and mix together, then stir in the melted oil and syrup mixture. I usually pour in about three quarters of the mix at first, and then slowly stir in the rest until everything is well coated and mixed together.

Pile the mixture into the baking tin or foil tray, and level off. You need to push down pretty firmly, but don’t compact it too much.

Bake in the middle of the oven for around 12-16 minutes. Ovens vary a lot, so the first time you make this recipe, I would err on the cautious side. Check after 10 minutes and then every 2 minutes after that til the flapjacks are golden on top.

Remove from the oven and leave to cool in the tin/tray. When they have cooled completely, remove from the tin and cut into 6 pieces. Try your very best not to eat them all in one go…

2 thoughts on “Simple and Delicious Vegan Coconut Oat Bars

  1. Tash says:

    Hello! I have real issues with making flapjacks as they’re always too crumbly – do you find the coconut oil is enough to hold the mixture together?

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