Give your bedroom a cosy Autumn makeover

Make your autumn bedroom a cosy haven from the cold weather and dark evenings, with these seasonal home decor tips

Natural bright bedroom with autumn accents, dried flowers are in a flower and orange throw pillows are on the bed

As summer comes to an end, and we move into Autumn, it’s time for cooler weather, golden leaves and darker evenings. In other words, it’s the perfect time for cosying up indoors!

Those floaty curtains and lightweight blankets might not look quite as appealing as they did when the weather was warmer. So now is the time to take a look at your bedroom and see what changes you want to make for the new season.

These 10 cosy bedroom ideas will help you create the perfect autumn bedroom. Don’t feel like you have to do them all – you can pick and choose the ones that suit your room, taste and budget.

Before long, you’ll have a cosy autumn bedroom that’s perfect for snuggling up in.

Choose your Autumn Palette

Autumnal colour palettes are full of subtle shades of vanilla, oatmeal, chestnut and rust, that you can layer up for your seasonal look. Rich shades of burnt orange, burgundy and chocolate will help to complete the palette.

You can also use accents of bright turquoise or rich blue-greens to add some contrast to your room.

If most of your walls are a fairly neutral colour, then painting a focus wall in one distinctive shade is a cheap and simple way to update the room for a new season.

Stack of cosy knitted sweaters in wicker basket

Grab a cosy blanket

When autumn brings cooler temperatures, it’s time to add texture to your bedroom. And you can’t beat a cosy, comfy blanket to snuggle up under!

So pack away your light summer throws and bring out blankets and pillows with warmer, heavier fabrics. Chunky knits, quilted or tartan throws and even leather or faux fur are all great options for the new season.

And in that awkward transition between the seasons, try using a thinner blanket in a rich autumnal colour like burgundy.

Swap out your bed linen

It’s time to swap the breezy summer cottons for something a bit more substantial as the nights get cooler.

You don’t need to go all out with brushed cotton sheets and heavy blankets, but you might want to swap to a higher tog duvet or add a light throw on top of your summer one.

And even something as simple as new bedlinen can give your bedroom a whole new style without costing a fortune.

Add some plush pillows

Throw cushions are another simple way to update your bedroom decor, and really help to create a welcoming environment.

Pick cushions in earthy colours and rich textures to complement your autumn style, and add them to your bed, your armchair or even piled up on the floor.

Your bedroom will soon have that cosy Autumn feel!

Black and white bedroom with wooden DIY furniture and creative home decor

Choose some seasonal storage

The right kind of storage can help to add to the cosy atmosphere of your autumn bedroom.

Take inspiration from harvest markets, and look out for rustic wicker baskets and vintage apple crates. You can pick up some fantastic bargains on eBay and on Facebook Marketplace.

If your budget is a little more generous, wooden tea chests will complement your seasonal decor and provide a neat place to tuck away extra blankets and throws.

Switch to heavier curtains

If you hung light sheer curtains at your window through the summer months, now is the time to layer something heavier over the top.

Linen curtains will frame your window nicely, and give the room a cosier feel. And choosing a fairly neutral colour will mean they’ll work well through to next Spring.

Use seasonal decorations

If you love Autumn, now is the time to go pumpkin crazy.

Incorporate pumpkins and pumpkin-inspired decorations into your decor, whether that’s a large pumpkin on its own or a grouping of smaller fruit. You could even paint them white, teal or gold to suit your taste, using nail polish or paint tester pots. But don’t carve them yet – save that for Halloween!

And autumn wreaths bring a touch of the season to your interior decor. They will often include colourful leaves and berries, and look fantastic on your bedroom wall or draped over the corner of your headboard.

Throw down a rug

Whether you have beautiful hardwood floors or carpets that are starting to look a little tired, throwing down a rug can immediately add some flare to your room.

Picking out a rug with autumn colours or patterns will make your room look more cosy and instantly freshen up your floor. A plain rug in a toned down hue will help to ground your room, or pick one with a bright pattern to add texture.

Autumn breakfast in bed with a notepad, book, coffee, candle, eucalyptus leaves and pumpkins on wooden tray.

Use candles to set the mood

The cosy glow of candles is a fabulous way to create a relaxing atmosphere in your autumn bedroom.

Choose large pillar candles for dramatic impact, or dot tiny tealights around your room to cast a gentle glow. You can use a variety of candle-holders and candelabras to impart the right style, look in charity stores to pick up some vintage bargains.

And using scented candles can really help to set the right tone in your room. Warm, spiced scents and ever-popular vanilla will give a cosy, warm atmosphere through the colder evenings.

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